Dr. Digi's "Men" section isn't just for men. Yeah
it makes some great cards for men, but these
fun digis are just right for those gals with a wicked
sense of humour too.

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Watercooler Walt

"Watercooler Walt" digi stamp..


We Three Kings

"We Three Kings" Digital stamp. If you give them money, they might go away...  ..


Weekend Set

         Weekend Set An UNBELIVABLE value set of digis for a lazy wekend of..


Weekend Walter

"Weekend Walter" digital stamp The weekend is here.  The kids are causing mayhem at the inlaws..


Weekend Walter (colour)

"Weekend Walter " Colour  Digital Stamp..


Wizz Doodles

"Wizz Doodles" digital stamp..


World's Best Dad

"World's Best Dad" digi stamp..


World's Best Dad (colour)

"World's Best Dad" colour digi stamp..


X Ray Raymond

"X-Ray Raymond" digital stamp..


Mobility Malcolm

"Mobility Malcolm" digital stamp Malcolm has recently become the proud owner of a brand new mobilit..


Mr Speaker (birthday)

"Mr.Speaker (birthday) " digital stamp Mr Speaker has decided that the prophet business is maybe no..