What better way to say Happy birthday, than with a Dr. Digi Birthday digi stamp? Treat the man in your life to a digi with a difference.

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Balloon numbers 0 New

Balloon numbers 0

"Balloon numbers 0" Digi stamp..

Balloon numbers 1 New

Balloon numbers 1

"Balloon numbers 1" Digi stamp..

Balloon numbers 2 New

Balloon numbers 2

"Balloon numbers 2" Digi stamp..

Balloon numbers 3 New

Balloon numbers 3

"Balloon numbers 3" Digi stamp..

Balloon numbers 4 New

Balloon numbers 4

"Balloon numbers 4" Digi stamp..


Balloon numbers 5

"Balloon numbers 5" Digi stamp..


Balloon numbers 6

"Balloon numbers 6" Digi stamp..

Balloon numbers 7 New

Balloon numbers 7

"Balloon number 7" Digi stamp..

Balloon numbers 8 New

Balloon numbers 8

"Balloon numbers 8" Digi stamp..

Balloon numbers 9 New

Balloon numbers 9

"Balloon numbers 9" Digi stamp..

Balloon numbers Set New

Balloon numbers Set

         Balloon NUMBERS SETAll the Balloon numbers together..


Bertie and Belindas boating birthday

"Bertie and Belindas boating birthday" digital stamp..



"Biffo" digital stamp Biffo (or Bifford Biffington to use his real name) started doing kids part..


Biffo (colour)

"Biffo"colour digital stamp Biffo (or Bifford Biffington to use his real name) started doing kid..


Birthday Bot

"Birthday Bot" Digital stamp. For all your automated birthday needs...


Birthday Cake digital stamp

"Birthday Cake" Digital stamp Everyone loves cake, and the onlything better than cake is birthday c..


Birthday Cheese

"Birthday Cheese" digi stamp.  ..


Birthdays sentiment sheet 01

Birthday sentiments sheet 01 A great selection of sentiments and jokes perfect for guy cards...


Bobs Balloons_COL

"Bobs Balloons" colour Digi stamp..


Cake and Candles

"Cake and Candles"  Colour digital stamp..


Cake numbers 0

"Cake numbers 0" digital stamp..


Cake numbers 1

"Cake numbers 1" digital stamp..


Cake numbers 2

"Cake numbers 2" digital stamp..


Cake numbers 3

"Cake numbers 3" digital stamp..


Cake numbers 4

"Cake numbers 4" digital stamp..


Cake numbers 5

"Cake numbers 5" digital stamp..


Cake numbers 6

"Cake numbers 6" digital stamp..


Cake numbers 7

"Cake numbers 7" digital stamp..


Cake numbers 8

"Cake numbers 8" digital stamp..


Cake numbers 9

"Cake numbers 9" digital stamp..


Cake numbers Set

         CAKE NUMBERS SETAll the cake numbers together in on..


Connie Confectionery

"Connie Confectionery" Digi stamp..



"Connie-Confectionery" colour Digi stamp..


DJ Dad Rock

"DJ Dad Rock" digital stamp..


Eric the Extra

"Eric the Extra" digital stamp..


Hangover Hannah digital stamp

"Hangover Hannah" Digital stamp The party's over, now it's time to pay the price.  That one ex..



"Pinata" colour digi stamp..



"Pinata Pedro" colour digi stamp..


Prezzie digital stamp

"Prezzie" Digital stamp There's only one thing that's better than cake on your birthday.. and of c..


Professor Wiggingson

"Professor Wiggingson" digi stamp..


Mr Speaker (birthday)

"Mr.Speaker (birthday) " digital stamp Mr Speaker has decided that the prophet business is maybe ..