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A Dunderton Abroad

"A Dunderton Abroadl" digital stamp..


Ambrose Dunderton

"Ambrose  Dunderton" digi stamp Derek's dad Ambrose has been the voice of reason in the Dunder..


Bath Time Bernie

"Bath Time Bernie" digi stamp..


Bath Time Set

         BATH TIME SET A fantastic set of digis and papers ..



              BEER SET A huge value set of beer relate..


Bertha`s Bread Baking Bonanza

"Bertha`s Bread Baking Bonanza" Digi stamp..



"Biffo" digital stamp Biffo (or Bifford Biffington to use his real name) started doing kids part..


Big Archie Butterthwaite

"Big Archie Butterthwaite" digital stamp..


Blunder Woman

"Blunder Woman" digi stamp After 20 years as a dinner lady at the local primary school, Ada decided..


Cheeky Devil - colour

"Cheeky Devil" colour Digi stamp..

Dennis the Dismal Demonologist New

Dennis the Dismal Demonologist

"Dennis the Dismal Demonologist" digi stamp..


Derek and Deirdery Dunderton

"Derek and Deirdery Dunderton" digi stamp. A true picture of marital bliss....


Derek and Deirdery Dunderton (colour)

"Derek and Deirdery Dunderton" colour digi stamp...


Derek Clapton

"Derek Clapton"  digi stamp. Derek may still be using Ambrose's old valve radio, but that do..


Derek Dunderton

"Derek  Dunderton" digi stamp The head of the Dunderton household, or at least he likes to thi..


Derek Dunderton (colour)

"Derek Dunderton" colour digi stamp...


Dunderton Academicals FC

"Dunderton Academicals FC"  digi stamp. Derek has two passions in his life, football and his b..


Dunderton Academicals FC (colour)

"Dunderton Academicals FC" colour digi stamp...


Flossie Bumblethorpe

"Flossie Bumblethorpe" digital stamp..


Gladys Winterbottom

"Gladys Winterbottom" digital stamp..



"Gramps" digi stamp.  ..


Hairdresser Hannah

"Hairdresser Hannah" digi stamp..


Karaoke Claus

"Karaoke Claus" digi stamp. You'd think after all the fuss and bother Santa has to go through eve..


Katy the cat lady

"Katy the cat lady" digi stamp..

Mr Slater`s Parrot New

Mr Slater`s Parrot

"Mr Slater`s Parrot" digi stamp..


Mystic Mabel

"Mystic Mabel" digital stamp..


Nightcap Derek

"Nightcap Derek"  Colour digital stamp..


Phyllis the Festive Fairy

"Phyllis the Festive Fairy" digi stamp. It doesnt matter if you belive in fairies or not,  y..


Rub-a-Dub-Dub (colour)

"Rub-a-Dub-Dub"  colour digi stamp..

Santa`s Knee New

Santa`s Knee

"Santa's Knee" digi stamp..


Selfie Stick Sean

"Selfie Stick Sean" digi stamp..

Snoozing Santa New

Snoozing Santa

"Snoozing Santa" digi stamp..

Spells for Beginers -33%

Spells for Beginers

"Spells for Beginnersl" digital stamp..

£1.50 £1.00

Struggling Santa

"Struggling Santa" digi stamp..

Stuck Santa New

Stuck Santa

"Stuck Santa" digi stamp..


Surfin' santa

"Surfin' Santa" digi stamp Santa's got a lot of free time for most of the year you know. Soon as Ch..


Svetlana and Cyril

"Svetlana and Cyril" Digital stamp After many years of patience, Cyril finally won a million on t..


Tea Time set

"Tea Time Set " Fantastic value, 9 digis, 5 backing papers and 1 tea themed sentiment sheet &..



"Tea L C" digital stamp..


The Happy Couple

"The Happy Couple" digi stamp..


Vera Vince and Viki Visit the Vets

"Vera, Vince and Viki visit the Vet's" digi stamp..


Wash Day

"Wash Day" Digital stamp Now that's the biggest pair of smalls I've ever seen.....