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Dish cloth Dave

"Dish cloth Dave" digi stamp. Washing up? Women's work? No comment...


Hello Alex

"Hello Alex" digital stamp..


Hello Alex mono

" Hello Alex  " Digital Stamp..


killer Kitties Set

fantastic saving on the full range of kitty killers in one set. £28  worth of digis for just ..


Malcolm the Miner

"Malcolm the Miner" digi stamp..


Night Shift Shaun

"Night Shift Shaun" digital stamp..


Nine to Five Norman

"Nine to five Norman" digi stamp..


Road Works Reg

"Road works Reg"  Digi stamp..


Spring clean Sonia

"Spring Clean Sonia"  digital stamp..


Wash Day

"Wash Day" Digital stamp Now that's the biggest pair of smalls I've ever seen.....