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Ambrose Dunderton

"Ambrose  Dunderton" digi stamp Derek's dad Ambrose has been the voice of reason in the Dunder..


Ambrose King of the Waves

"Ambrose King of the Waves" digi stamp Ambrose knows no fear when it comes to a quick dip. As long..


Darling Damien

"Darling Damien" digital stamp..


DJ Dad Rock

"DJ Dad Rock" digital stamp..


Enforcer Ted

"Enforcer Ted" Digital stamp..



"Gramps" digi stamp.  ..


Keith the Cool Koala

"Kieth the Cool Koala" digi stamp..


Santa Skidoo

"Santa Skidoo " digital stamp..


Simply Santa colour

"Simply Santa" Colour Digital Stamp..


TCB pack Dad 03

Total Card bundle pack - Dad 03Pack contains - "Aubery Bumblethorpe" digi stampMustache Backing Pape..


The Rolling Gnomes

"The Rolling Gnomes" digi stamp..


Wizz Doodles

"Wizz Doodles" digital stamp..